Ready4Work/Teen Leadership

Year- round middle – high school students learn the principles of leadership, identifying God-given gifts, skill building and college career paths through the Ready4Work program. Mentoring, camp, community service/ local mission opportunities, prayer and evangelism. Summer stipends offered and other incentives throughout the year. Students learn how to develop meaningful relationship with Jesus, assist with chapel, praise and worship and student groups.

An important part of our teen programming is providing opportunities for teens to accept responsibility and to be leaders for younger children. Teens learn the importance of servant leadership, actively practicing what Jesus taught.


Program Components

Bible Study

As with all of our youth programs, Teens learn more about Jesus and the plan that God has for their lives. They learn how to practically apply biblical character traits like honesty and loving others to their daily lives.

work experience

Part of the Ready4Work program includes real, practical work experience at one of our centers. Program participants learn the ins and outs of finding and keeping a job and receive stipends for completing work assignments.

service learning

Giving back is a key lesson for our teens. They learn that life is about serving God and serving others and they put this into practice by participating in events and activities that bless others.


Teens are assigned a staff mentor that coaches them and helps them apply all they are learning to real world experiences. This includes everything from finding and keeping a job to dealing with relationship issues.